Our Approach

We measure client satisfaction based on unique target metrics set with each individual client. These include but are not limited to submittals per job, time to submit, interviews and fills as well as adherence to cost and tenure. We also factor in compliance with on-boarding protocols and rules of engagement when rating our performance with any client. Many clients take these metrics and create a scorecard ranking that carefully weights each metric by importance.

Screen Potential Candidates: Recruiters leverage robust technical services to benchmark candidate’s technical skills, or schedule phone screens with subject matter experts (SME) whose talents and qualifications are known and vetted by us. Candidates are required to provide at least two supervisor level references from recent assignments. As a final quality assurance checkpoint, perform an additional re-qualification of candidate prior to being submitted to the client.

Recruiters Team Up: By working together and leveraging team specialties, we can meet our clients’ needs better.

Interview & Screen: Our recruiters conduct thorough interviews for every candidate including confirming availability, employment and salary history, physical location, goals, expertise, and so much more. In order to evaluate technical proficiencies